Wisconsin Youth Company


Welcome to Wisconsin Youth Company, where kids thrive beyond the school day. Our mission is to engage youth in opportunities that encourage them to be their best selves. We know that you have options, and we appreciate you choosing our programs. Since 1974, we have been operating as a non-profit in this community serving children and families with high-quality enrichment programs. We are pleased to welcome you as part of our community.

This handbook is intended to be a guide in answering questions regarding program practices and policies. Within this handbook we use the term Parents. Families are varied and the use of the word Parent(s) refers to the adult(s) who are responsible for the child(ren). We value all types of families.

If you have any questions regarding our policies and practices, please seek clarification by contacting one of the administrative offices. It is important that families understand the parameters within which our programs operate. Wisconsin Youth Company reserves the right to change current policies and practices. Changes to policies will be communicated to Parents.