Wisconsin Youth Company


Please note: Families are varied and the use of the word Parent(s) refers to the adult(s) who are responsible for the child(ren).

Attendance Message Line

If a child is ill or will for another reason be absent from the program, Parents are required to call the 24-Hour Attendance Message Line at 608-276-9898 (Dane County) or 262-547-2326 (Waukesha County). Information will be forwarded to the child’s site at program time. Do not call the program location to report absence. Parents should not rely on their school’s office to notify any Wisconsin Youth Company program of an absence.

Unexpected Absences and Attendance

Unexpected Absences

If a child does not arrive at the Wisconsin Youth Company program within a reasonable amount of time, and
the staff has not received a message that the child will be absent, program staff will follow these steps:

  • Contact the school office and verify school attendance when able (if applicable).
  • Contact Parents at all available phone numbers.
  • Contact emergency contact persons specified on the registration forms.
  • No further attempts to locate the absent child will be made at the site level.

To conserve valuable staff time and ensure the safety of all children, it is important that Parents call the attendance message number whenever there is a change to their child’s attendance. Repeated failure to notify the Wisconsin Youth Company office of absences may result in a fee of $25 for each infraction.

Unexpected Attendance

If a child comes to program and is not registered for that day or is not confirmed to attend, a staff person will call the Parents and take the child to the school office to await pick-up.

Arrival and Departure

Each time the child arrives or departs from a program, the person responsible for signing the child in and/or out will note the time and sign the attendance form. Only authorized persons specified on the registration form and who present photo identification upon request may pick up a child, as we will not release a child to any other per- sons without written permission. Children must check-out with staff before departing for the day. Staff may not be used as an authorized pick-up or drop-off persons. Program staff are not permitted to transport children from our programs in their personal cars.

To keep children safe and to make sure that they’re going home with authorized adults, staff will ask to see the photo ID or verify a phone number of the person picking up the child until the staff is familiar with the pick- up person. Please have your photo ID available when picking up and make sure to tell anyone who is authorized the same.

Parents are requested to call the attendance line if an adult other than Parents who are included on the registration will be picking up so that our office can verify this person is authorized. This helps prevent an unauthorized person arriving at the program location site to pick-up. Parents may authorize up to eight individuals at a given time. Parents may authorize a one-time pick-up authorization if they do not wish to have the pick-up person added to the list for the entire school year. To be authorized to pick up, the person’s full name, email address, best phone number during program hours, and relationship to child must be provided.

Alternative departure procedures for children must be specified on the registration form. You may change the arrival and/or departure procedures for your child by notifying their administrative office in writing. Changes must be made in writing and an email is sufficient.

To authorize an independent departure after registration, please provide in writing to the administrative office the following information (an email from the email address on-file is fine):

  • A statement that the independent departure is authorized
  • Child’s name and program location
  • Specific departure time and date(s)