Immersion Camp

Please note:  families are varied and the use of the word Parent(s) refers to the adult(s) who are responsible for the child(ren).

Program Description

Wisconsin Youth offers immersion camps for theater and circus arts in Dane County.  Immersion camps are a fun, enriching and educational experience for new and experienced campers entering grades 3-9.  Activities are developmentally appropriate and offer an opportunity for campers to try something new and step outside their comfort zone.  Campers work towards a final performance for family and friends at the end of each week.

Supervision and Staffing

Wisconsin Youth hires trained, experienced and engaging staff to work with performing arts experience.  Wisconsin Youth takes pride in ensuring that our staff are presented with enrichment opportunities and plenty of training to prepare them for the summer.

Ratios and Regulations
During camp hours, ratios are often 1:12 or lower.  Each group is led by a director, however, camp counselors provide additional support and supervision that allows for lower ratios for specific groups and activities.  There will always be at least one staff member on site who is certified in first aid and CPR.

What to Bring to Immersion Camp

More information regarding what to bring (or not bring) to camp will be provided through the introductory letter; however, we will cover a few important items here:

Personal Property
Please make sure to label all items clearly with your camper’s name.  Campers are discouraged from bringing items beyond what is needed for the camp day.  Wisconsin Youth is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property, including clothing and electronics.

Appropriate Clothing
Watch the weather forecast and check the weekly welcome letter for the activities of the day to make sure that your camper is dressed appropriately whether it be for rain or heat.  Campers should wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.  Campers may get messy; it is recommended that you send your camper with an extra set of clothing.

Appropriate footwear for camp includes gym shoes with socks or sandals with a heel strap.  Please, do not send your camper to camp wearing flip flop sandals.  Flip flop footwear does not stay on, often breaks and can cause injury.

Campers will be busy all day, please make sure to pack a nutritious nut-free lunch every day.  Lunches must NOT require refrigeration or microwaving.  A sack lunch (completely disposable) is required on field trip days.  Field trips are noted in the weekly welcome letters.  If your campers are only registered for a half-day program, they will not need to bring lunch.

Field Trips
Camp t-shirts must be worn on field trips.

Electronics in Program

  • Cell phones and Personal Electronic Devices: Wisconsin Youth does not allow campers to use their personal cell phones or electronic devices when participating in our programs.  Campers carrying cell phones will be asked to place them in their backpack during program time.
  • Digital Photographs: campers and Parents may wish to take photos of camp activities and events. Wisconsin Youth is not responsible for the use of photos taken by participants or Parents.  Wisconsin Youth’s photo release is stated under Required Information for Enrollment section.

Immersion Camp Arrival and Departure

Please make sure to sign-in your camper(s) as soon as you arrive to camp.  Campers must be signed into camp by Parents or other authorized persons at least 18 years of age or older.

At the end of the day, or whenever it’s time for campers to leave camp and the supervision of the camp staff, Parents will sign camper out of program with a signature and time of departure.  Only authorized persons specified on the registration form and who present photo identification upon request, may pick up a camper, as we will not release a camper to any other persons without written permission.  Parents and other authorized persons at least 18 years of age or older may pick up the camper and sign them out.

Independent Arrival and Departure
If the Parent chooses to have the camper arrive to camp without an authorized person to sign them in, or if the Parent chooses to have the camper to be able to leave camp without an authorized pick-up person, Parents must authorize an independent arrival and/or an independent departure at the time of registration.  Campers who are authorized in writing to depart independently from camp will be signed out by a staff member at the time designated by the parent.

Field Trip Policies

Wisconsin Youth believes field trips and special activities away from the site are an important part of a quality program.  Field trip information including dates, arrival and departure times, and destination will be included in the weekly welcome letter.

If a field trip needs to be changed due to weather concerns, construction, facility closure, etc., an email will be sent to Parents as soon as the trip is confirmed to change.  On all field trips, staff will carry first aid supplies, attendance, registration information, emergency medications and a program cell phone.

Immersion Camp Fee Structure

During registration, a $25 deposit per week is required to reserve space in the program.  The deposit will be applied to the camper’s weekly fee and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

General Fee Policies
The remaining amount of fees are due by the end of business day Monday (5 p.m.), five business days prior to the start of program.  A $20 fee will be assessed if payment is late.  Fees repeatedly unpaid by the due date may result in the camper’s removal from immersion camp.