Parent Involvement

Please note: Families are varied and the use of the word Parent(s) refers to the adult(s) who are responsible for the child(ren).

Wisconsin Youth Company believes that a strong partnership with Parents is essential to best meet the needs of each child. Parents are encouraged to visit the programs prior to enrollment by contacting their administrative office to arrange a visit. Additional information concerning Wisconsin Youth Company programs and events can be accessed on our website at

As an orientation to Wisconsin Youth Company programs, Parents are asked to review all program policies and procedures and contact the program supervisor for clarification if they have questions or concerns. Once the child is enrolled, Parents are welcome to visit at any time unless access has been denied by court order. Each program location is managed by a program manager or director whose name and phone number are posted on-site on the Parent table. If Parents continue to have questions, they should contact their administrative office.

Special Events

Special events and family gatherings are occasionally held to encourage Parents’ involvement. Programs will have Parent communication boards that are set up next to the Parent table, please check this daily for program related communications. Families will also receive communication through email directly from Wisconsin Youth Company and/or Constant Contact.

Parent and Child Surveys

Parent and child surveys are distributed at the end of each school year/summer and provide an opportunity for Parents and participants to provide feedback on our ability to meet the expectations of Parents and children. Information is also used in the on-going evaluation and development of the staff and leadership personnel. Survey results are available upon request through the administrative office.

Parent Concerns

Parent feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps us to continually improve the quality of our programs. Parents may bring their concerns to any program staff. Program locations also provide Parent comment forms, located at the Parent table.

Parent concerns that are unresolved after communication with program staff should be directed to the appropriate program manager or director. Program manager/director contact information is located at the Parent table. Concerns or issues that continue should then be discussed with the program director. If the resolution is unsatisfactory or to appeal an administrative decision, Parents may direct a written request for review to the executive director. The executive director will then review the decision in a timely fashion. Space is available at the administrative offices for Parents and staff to hold confidential meetings and conversations. Parents wishing to contact the board with an unresolved compliment or complaint may contact the Board of Directors. Please see our website for more information.